December 2, 2020

Imperiality of learning business skills with other skills __Victoria ,the scientist

“Nearly three years since I committed to
learning the business of healthcare from one of Nigeria’s healthcare business owner.As a trained clinical scientist with highly sort after administrative skills, I understood the need to learning business skills to cause a positive change in the healthcaresector.Was an amazing experience to have started this process in the aviation/air ambulance space.These past years have been so demanding but yet worth everysacrifice made.Having to join a team of committed medics to save lives of critically unwell persons made so much difference in my life as a humanitarian.To me, the business of healthcare isn’t just about the funds, skills and competencies. The business of healthcare is about ensuring that fewer persons die because they cannot afford healthcare or stay far away from the hospital.The air ambulance space gave me a good learning experience but it’s time to commit to my core practice; diagnosticmedicine.To all mentors, colleagues, and friends that have been part or my learning process, I say a big thank you.To my family who stood by me especially times we had to fly at odd hours to save the life of a patient, thank you so much.While I commit to more learning, unlearning and planning in the coming months, do know that I have got more to give in the healthcare space (diagnostic) and will not fail my generation.Cheers to the beautiful future ahead of me”

Source: Victoria Okorie-Duru_ Facebook timeline

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