Bayelsa Update : This is not the Time to flex muscles – by Lauretta Onochie.


📍It’s time to reflect on how the APC Screening Organ, FAILED David Lyon and the people of Bayelsa.

📍It was heart-wrenching to see the photos of David Lyon rehearsing for a day that will not be. How is he, his family and his supporters ever going to get over this?
APC Failed him. Its indefensible. No excuse Can cover this one.

We can’t be shoddy like PDP.
We can’t be inept like PDP
We can’t be sentimental like PDP.
We can’t stand on PDP antecedents
We can’t be unfair like PDP.
We can’t be irresponsible like PDP.
We can’t make excuses like PDP.
We can’t be Tacky like PDP.
We can’t be Lawless like PDP.

📍Heads, should roll. Let there be Sanctions in APC against those who failed to protect David Lyon and the people of Bayelsa.

📍For those who are still arguing blindly or postulating, read on:


📛Pocket Lawyers Like Me:
Total Vote Cast:

APC- 21489
OR 51.9%

PDP- 18344
OR 44.3%

📛What The Supreme Court Ruled

Total Vote Cast:
PDP- 18344 or 92%
APC- 0%

📍Work it out for the other Seven Local Government Areas.

📍Progressives making references to purchased Supreme Court judgements under PDP should be totally ashamed of themselves for wanting us to go that path.

📍Justice is not about how many states a political party has, its about what the LAW says.

📍We must begin, as agents of change, to imbibe the culture of legality, consulting our laws in all we do and have absolute Respect for our Judiciary, especially the Supreme Court.

📍That’s how our dead institutions will arise from the ashes of decay.

📍Yes, we are not pleased with the Bayelsa Judgement, but it’s a new day and a new way. Our laws are working, our laws are winning. These, should be comforting and should gladden us. The Bible calls it, “Beauty From Ashes”.

📍Good morning All.
Lauretta Onochie.
(South South Belle)

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