December 2, 2020

Public Palava : Is there Steady 4G Network anywhere in Nigeria? -Research findings opened up many things?

I wish to ask this question , from all Nigerians. It is a public matter! We need answers from all the Network providers . You are selling 4G sims , without steady 4G Network!
Many years back , we started with 2G Network, and later on, we upgraded to 2.75G network. 
But now, 2019 , everybody is clamoring for 4G sims , with the expectation to enjoy steady 4G Network in any part of Nigeria. 
Meanwhile , we have checked all through all the Networks, and none steady 4G Network anywhere in Nigeria. 
Checking through all the 5 Major Networks  available in Nigeria. ( Glo Newtork , Airtel Network , MTN Network , 9Mobile Network , Ntel Network ; none has steady 4G Network for Nigerians. 
We made inquiry from 27,900 respondents , across 36 States and FCT , they all concurred and concluded that there is no steady 4G Network in Nigeria
You can find out , and respond, if you truly have steady 4G Network in your area, but as for 27,900 Nigerians who recently responded , no steady 4G Network anywhere in Nigeria. 
Read more about 4G Network :  

MTN 4G LTE FAQs | MTN Online
Visit the nearest MTN store or any phone store near you. be sure the device supports Band 7 (2600MHz). I HAVE A 4G DEVICE AND USIM BUT I STILL CAN’T CONNECT. First, check that your 4G device supports Band 7 (2600MHz).

GLO 4G LTE FAQs | Glo Nigeria | Unlimited
GLO 4G LTE FAQs. 1. What is LTE? LTE stands for “Long Term Evolution”. It is the evolution of standards for wireless network after 3G and is the most advance wireless technology offering Ultra Fast Internet speed.”. It is Glo’s latest offering, providing high speed internet service. 2. What can I do with Glo 

Airtel 4G || Airtel Nigeria…
Airtel 4G. Want to enjoy reliable and super-fast internet on your phone? Then come on board AIRTEL 4G . What is 4G? 4G, also known as Long Term Evolution (LTE); stand for 4th Generation of telecommunications technology that delivers very high data speeds.
And Others….
I have tried all … and none gave me steady 4G Network
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