December 2, 2020

Life is a ‘Disec’ to many, based on their attitude : Changing their mind like Network from 4G to 3G to 2G!

In life , never permanently rely on human being. Some are like Disec and can change at any time. 
if you rely on them, they change like Network. 
Human being can change , people you rely on today , can change tomorrow. 
My experience in life is pure example. 
 A man , very closed to a close person recently changed like 4G to 3G , even to 2G Network. 
Well, from the thorough background check, I observed vividly , that the attitude is part of his life. 
When the person that linked us up explained to me , I discovered that , he has been known as a perpetual liar for a very long time. 
 He lied and lied and was known as a big liar! 
Lessons learnt: 
  • No human being can be totally reliable 
  • No reliable person is presently in this world. 
  • The world is full of deceivers
  • Never put your hope on any human being!
  • What else can we can a liar, who has lied and lied for very long time!
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