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Internet never forgets : Don’t be in the bad book of your future interviewer

Learn how to interact with people on social media. Some of your “friends” here are probably as old as your father, mother, aunt, uncle, brother and sister. Some of them are the CEOs and MDs of your dream company. Some of them could be the catalyst for a life long professional and personal transformation. Treat everyone with dignity and respect they deserve (and even the ones you think they don’t deserve). Under no circumstance must you resort to abuse, name calling, caustic comments, slandering and others.
Don’t be in the bad book of your future interviewer because of Buhari and Atiku. Appreciate diversity, respect other people’s

opinions and political inclination.
Instead of saying “People that support Atiku/Buhari are senseless”, why not put it as ” I don’t understand why people still support Atiku/Buhari”?
You don’t have to respond to every unpleasant, opposing, disgusting post. You have the option of scrolling down/up or even “unfriend” such person. You have no moral obligation to correct everyone’s mistake and people are not under any obligation to echo your views about a subject matter.
I know of a friend that literally aced an interview for an important position because the interviewer knew him from Facebook. Imagine if he had been utterly disrespectful to the person while enjoying the relative anonymity that the social media gives.
Social media is not a battle ground where you should fight people. Remove people that you don’t like from your “friends list”. Avoid passing negative comments and if you must correct any anomaly, you can always inbox the person in a very calm, matured and persuasive manner.

Be cautious, the internet never forgets

              Source : Clement Iornongu’s FB timeline
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