#endcuttinggirls : Engaging Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) as Key Stakeholders to end FGM/C and other Violence Against Children (VAC) in Nigeria

The traditional birth attendants in Nigeria are key stakeholders in child early welfare and safety.
Few years back, I was privileged to lead a team of “Community Mapping Experts on Child Delivery and Early Safety”
Clearly, it was noted:
1.       TBAs are many , and operate under unionism
2.       TBAs have strong leadership mechanism, though not in all cases.
3.       TBAs are eager to be part of the new Health Delivery System
4.       TBAs are becoming stronger and available everywhere.
How to engage TBAs as Key Stakeholders to end FGM/C and other VAC in Nigeria
1.       Carry out the community mapping of the TBAs
2.       Needs identification for engaging the TBAs as Stakeholders
3.       Conduct community sensitization and enlightenment campaign with and for all identified TBAs on basic facts on FGM/C and other VAC
4.       Train critical mass of identified TBAs members as master trainers on Strategies to end FGM/C and other VAC in Nigeria.
Join us every Thursday (5-7pm , Nigeria Time) – tweet conference ( Under UNICEF-UNFPA Joint Programme on FGM/C abandonment campaign.  Good 2hours of systematic tweet conference.

For further details visit www.endcuttinggirls.org
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