5 overly simple ways you can get more retweets


Let’s go over 5 overly simple ways you can get more retweets 

1. Use images in your tweets.

Tweets with images generate 150% more retweets than those with just text, and it’s easy to make great images in the perfect size for Twitter in Canva!

However, if that’s too time-consuming or you don’t like creating graphics, you can quickly create images on your phone. Typorama, which, unlike many apps, allows you to create images in the right dimensions for Twitter and is super easy to use.

2. Tweet frequently.

Since the lifetime value of a tweet is very short, it’s important to tweet frequentlyor people will never see you on Twitter.

And if no one is seeing your tweets, no one is retweeting them!

Now, I’m not recommending that you sit there and schedule tweets hourly every day (that would be very time consuming and only add to the social media overwhelm).

Instead, I would recommend using a tool like Post Planner that allows you to schedule your evergreen content.

It will take some time setting it up, but in the long term it will go a long way toward simplifying your life AND will increase the number of retweets you’re getting.

3. Give your audience what they want.

Ask yourself what kind of information your audience wants to see.

Don’t know what that is?

One simple way to find out is to ask them. You can ask on Twitter, other social profiles or in an email to your list.

You can also do some research on your ideal client avatar. Do you know someone who is like your ideal client?

Ask them questions about their interests, what books and magazines they read, the gurus they follow, and, most importantly, their biggest challenges and pain points.

This information will be essential in creating the avatar and determining the kinds of information they are interested in.

Creating an avatar may sound like a lot of work but in the long run it will help you improve your messaging in all your marketing efforts, not just your tweets.

4. Use hashtags.

This is a REALLY SIMPLE way to increase the number of retweets you get.

Study after study has shown that using ONE OR TWO hashtags (not 10 or 20) in a tweet significantly increases engagement.

However, keep in mind that using MORE than one or two hashtags has a negative effect on engagement and can make you look spammy.

5. Ask for Retweets!

It may sound overly simplistic and even a little cheesy, but people need a call to action and telling them to retweet your tweet can generate 3 or 4 times the amount of engagement.

The key is to ask people to “please retweet.” Never use the shortened versions like, “pls RT” or “R/T.”

Also, don’t overuse this technique!

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