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“I Saw #BigMen Come For Body Parts In Kidnapper’s Den’ ___Rescued Girl who spent 11days with Kidnappers

After 11 days in kidnappers ’ den , 18- year – old Mary Olaniyan , a student of the Adeyemi College of Education , Ondo , has a lot to be thankful for.

According her , if not for divine intervention , she might have become a human to be carved up as body parts for ritual killers.

The young lady narrated her miraculous escape from a forest she found herself after she became unconscious in a cab she boarded in front of the school gate on September 1 , 2017 .

The year one student , who lives outside the campus , said after finishing lectures on campus that day , she was heading home when she boarded the kidnappers ’ vehicle at about 6 . 30pm outside the main gate of the college along the Ondo – Ore highway.

According to her , four men were already seated in the vehicle painted in Ondo State taxi colours .

Olaniyan said , “ I boarded the taxi alongside a lady at the same location and two other men . The two of the men were going to Yaba in Ondo town.

“ As soon as I boarded the vehicle I became unconscious and by the time I regained my consciousness, I found myself in a building located inside a thick forest . I didn’ t know the exact town where the forest is located but it is a very thick forest .

“ I discovered that there were two guys and three ladies that had already been kidnapped and kept inside the building in the forest . The three men that kidnapped us were there too . ”

Her 11 days in the forest was an experience she said she could only describe as hell.

Looking conspicuously emaciated and frail, Olaniyan , is still shaken , days after her escape.

She shed tears as she narrated that she drank only water for the 11 days she spent in the captivity.

“ The men did not give us food for the time we were there , they were giving us only water, ” she said .

Olaniyan did not describe her abductors as mere kidnappers who kidnap for ransom.
She explained that it became clear that they dealt in human parts .

She narrated that they killed their victims and sold their body parts to “ big men ” customers many of whom she saw visiting the camp in expensive cars.

“I saw strange men coming in big vehicles to collect some things in cellophane bags . I knew it had to be human flesh , ” she said .

On how she escaped from the hands of her captors , Olaniyan described her freedom as divine , saying she escaped while they (captors ) were quarrelling with one another . She said she used the opportunity of the fight of her abductors to escape, alongside other victims , into the bush.

“ Fight broke out among the kidnappers over money . The money was given to them by one of their customers , who came and left with something they put in a cellophane bag too .

“ They did not watch us as they fought . That was when we used the opportunity to run out of the building in the forest . ” Olaniyan stated .

She said she trekked for three days in the forest until she got to Ile- Oluji – Ipetu Ijesa Road , where she met a lady on the road and asked for directions to Ondo town.

Olaniyan was then told that she was close to Ile- Oluji . Soon after trekking along the road , she explained that she got to Igbo Oja village near Ondo where she made efforts to reach her mother on the mobile phone she begged to use from a resident.

Since the abduction of Olaniyan , two other students of the college – Blessing Oladepo and Mary Oluwasemilore – have been declared missing after they were suspected to have been kidnapped .

A few days ago , some of the kidnappers, who were arrested by the men of the Ondo State Police Command, confessed to be behind abduction of the female students of the institution .

However , Olaniyan in her own case was lucky to have escaped from the den of the hoodlums following what she described as a divine intervention .

The Public Relations Officer of the Adeyemi College of Education , Mrs . Seto Olatuyi , said Olaniyan is a 100 – level student in the History Department of the institution and school authorities declared her missing when her friends could not locate her .

Reacting to the development , the Provost of the College , Prof. Olukoya Ogen, expressed gratitude for Olaniran ’ s safe return and warned the students to always be vigilant in their movements .

As of the time of filing this report , Olaniyan was still receiving treatment at a hospital.

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